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Proudly serving Berks, Chester & Montgomery Counties since 1999

For 16 years, Fresh Metered Concrete has been loyally serving the businesses and residents of Berks, Chester & Montgomery Counties with all their concrete pouring needs. It's always been a privilege to be able to save you money by not overcharging you for concrete that will ultimately go unused.  


We arrive on time, and we stay until the job is done the exact way you want it!

We're different from the barrel concrete companies

Fresh Metered Concrete doesn't believe that you should have to pay extra for unused concrete.  That's why we only mix as much concrete as needed once we get to the job site, thus saving you lots of money in the process.  


Call us today!

About our services:

  • Commercial and residential delivery

  • Custom mixed and metered on site

  • Open 7 days a week

  • Pay only for the amount of concrete used

  • No waste - metered delivery

  • Dependable and honest service

  • Concrete mixed at job site for homeowners and contractors.

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